thought-provoking research

ThinkBarn is a research house that delivers thought-provoking research reports, comment and presentation material to provide a voice in the residential and commercial property markets. We tell the story of a market through analysis and comment on the issues and trends that have implications for business and respective clients.

Working with a range of clients, we deliver unique and market defining research to support business goals. Outputs range from thought-provoking comments, reports or presentations that differentiate in a challenging and crowded marketplace.

As in life, a complex mix of business, economic and socio-behavioural issues drives the real estate market. We therefore collaborate with a network of academics as well as industry, and other specialists, to ensure we deliver robust and unique research products.

Presenting a story, whether to the market or an executive board, may require marketing, design and PR support. Working with in-house teams, or with our network of specialists in these areas, we want to ensure maximum impact is achieved with our research.

ThinkBarn is based in Kent, but works for national as well as London focused clients. Clients include investors, developers as well as residential and commercial property advisors and agents.

research director, sue foxley  Call: 07971 402 527